I knew early on that my fate was welded to the written word, when at the tender age of six, I properly used the term “excruciating” to describe the pain of a scraped knee. That natural proficiency for language led me to a Bachelor of Arts in English and later to a Bachelor of Journalism. It was during my journalism studies that I picked up my first digital camera and turned my film photography hobby into a profession.

I went on to work in community newspapers as a reporter, photographer and editor for five years – during which time I honed my writing, editing, photography and desktop publishing skills to a fine point. When the local newspaper where I worked closed, I wanted to stay in the incredible mountain enclave of Nelson, British Columbia that I now called home. So I chose to launch into a full-time professional photography and writing business.

Over my seven years in business, the services I provide naturally expanded beyond photography and periodical writing to include: copywriting, editing, content creation, public relations, design and more. In collaboration with a network of design professionals, I’m now pleased to offer my clients a full range of creative services.